Why CBD ?

WHY CBD? By: Adam Mahan
More and more people are turning to CBD products to ease their pains and discomforts without the cascading side effects of pharmaceuticle drugs.

The history of Cannabidiol stretches far back, thousands of years, to around the time of the first ice age. Archaeological evidence suggests the Cannabis was one of the very first crops planted by early humans. It is also said that it's likely that this particular crop led to the growth and development of civilization in general. But did you know this plant has a hidden compund that has been proven to treat hundreds of different disorders and diseases?

CBD can help fight most, if not all, forms of cancer, it can treat inflammatory and pain-associated disorders, it can protect you from Neurodegenerative diseases, can help with the symptoms of Schizophrenia, can reduce seizures in people with Epilepsy, can reduce anxiety, can relieve pain, can reduce nausea and increase appetite, can lower the incidence of Diabetes, and …